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The delicious nut butters from nur.fit are without any additives and perfect for sweet desserts, as a spread or as a topping for your breakfast bowl! Almond, pistachio, hazelnut or tahini - find your favorite nut spread at nur.fit! 

Fibres Organic Date-Cocoa-Hazelnut Spread


(CHF2.79* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Almond Butter


(CHF3.39* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Tahini White


(CHF1.87* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Hazelnut Butter


(CHF2.97* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic sunflower seed butter


(CHF1.32* / 100 g)
Slim Organic Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread


(CHF3.41* / 100 g)
Slim Organic Hazelnut Chocolate Coconut Créme


(CHF3.74* / 100 g)
Nut Butters Organic Nut Butter Set


(CHF2.20* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Pistachio Spread


(CHF7.48* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Peanut Butter


(CHF1.32* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Peanut Butter Chocolate


(CHF1.54* / 100 g)
Nut Butters BIO Mandelmus Salted Caramel


(CHF3.74* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Chocolate Banana Snack Set


(CHF1.87* / 100 g)
Slim Vegan Protein Powder Almond


(CHF2.20* / 100 g)
Slim Vegan Protein Powder Hazelnut


(CHF2.13* / 100 g)
Nut Butters Gift Set


(CHF2.93* / 100 g)
Slim BIO Rice Protein Pistachio


(CHF5.28* / 100 g)
Organic nut butters

Organic nut butters from nur.fit: The MUSt-Have for your diet!

Everyone loves nut butters! No surprise, because the delicious muse are not only super tasty, but are also suitable as an ingredient for the most diverse recipes. The nut muses from nur.fit are a real must-have, because they consist of 100% organic nuts and come completely without additives, such as sugar or other. Whether you're more of a spooner, topper, or master chef, you can let your imagination run wild with our nut mushes and enjoy them on their own, top smoothies or bowls, or use them as a delicious, vegan ingredient in baking and cooking. The special thing about our nut puree is that it consists only of nuts and comes without any additives. Only in our organic date-cacao-hazelnut cream have two other organic ingredients crept in. 

The healthy nuts are gently ground, which preserves many valuable nutrients. The healthy fats contained in the nuts are thus completely transferred into the nut puree, that's why the nut butters are the perfect supplement for a healthy and balanced diet. Nut mush is a valuable source of nutrients that have a positive effect on your heart, nerves and brain. And even your feeling of hunger is positively influenced by eating them. Nur.fit's nut milks are rich in vegetable protein and fiber, which is why they provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety. They can therefore also be part of your diet. So you don't have to do without anything.

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Creamy nut butters

Pure indulgence without compromise

Nutritionally, nut purees are winners all along the line! Order your favorites today and enjoy them pure, as a spread or as an ingredient in cooking and baking. Which is your favorite: tahinialmond butter, hazelnut butterpistachio butter, or a blend of date, cocoa, and hazelnut spread? For those of you who want to feast your way through all our muse, we also have a handy set in small or large. So you can order your favorite nut muses all home, enjoy and do not have to choose.