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Superfood grasses

Our superfood grasses, are rich in vitamins and minerals that provide your body with plenty of energy! 

Fibres Organic Barley Grass Powder


(CHF5.59* / 100 g)
Immune system Organic German Greens Mix


(CHF7.65* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Wheat Grass Powder


(CHF4.80* / 100 g)
Fibres Wheat Grass Powder


(CHF2.00* / 100 g) Grasses

Barley grass and wheat grass for a healthy body

Barley grass and wheat grass for a healthy body Most popular superfoods. Most people would hardly believe that grasses are also suitable as food for humans. However, some of the strongest animals from the animal world feed exclusively on grasses or plant food. Grasses are actually already part of our diet, as we consume foods such as bread or pasta, which are made from grains, almost every day. Grains like rye, Wheat and Barley originate from Sweet grasses ab. Hordeum vulgare, better known as barley, was already cultivated in Asia in 7000 BC. In contrast to conventional plants, barley is rich in healthy nutrients even in the early growth phase. Nutrients and vitamins. 

The sweet grass plant is therefore Just the thing for a strong immune system. Today, more and more people swear by the positive effects of barley grass on the human body. The popular sweet grass supports the well-being und wirkt has a positive effect on the skin from. Wheatgrass is also harvested shortly after cultivation in order to meet the high Chlorophyll and nutrient content in the plant. Both grasses contain large amounts of dietary fiber and thus support a healthy intestinal flora. Whether in powder form or as tabs - our superfood grasses are just right for a healthy body!

Our green superfoods: barley grass and wheat grass


Taking barley grass and wheat grass

Now you're wondering how to actually take our superfood grasses? That is quite simple! Wheat and barley grass you can with water, fruit juice or as Green latte take to you. Especially for a green smoothie from broccoli or spinach, the healthy stalks are particularly suitable. You can also add our super grasses to your Smoothie Bowl or in your Muesli mix in. You have a Gluten allergy and would like to buy our superfood grasses? Then we recommend our Barley grass that 100% gluten free is. With wheatgrass we can not exclude the gluten content 100%, because it is a natural product.


Not only healthy powder

The healthy stalks with rich vitamins and minerals are not only good for strengthening your immune system. Wheat and barley grass are also particularly suitable for coloring food - so you can easily get your children to eat or drink 'green stuff'! Conventional food coloring often contains many synthetic additives that are often harmful to health. With the ground sweet grasses you can color your Smoothies and desserts color naturally, without you having to worry about harmful substances. Often the content of barley and wheat grass is stretched or additives are mixed in. With us you get exactly what it says: 100% pure wheatgrass and barley grass.


Questions around gras

What positive effect has organic barley grass powder on our health?

Quite a few! The sweet grass contains among other things Iron, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin K1. These nutrients not only support the Immune system but also helps with the Structure of skin, bones and Connective tissue. Many vegans, vegetarians and athletes use barley grass to meet their daily nutrient needs. 

What are barley grass and wheatgrass actually exactly? 

Barley grass and wheat grass are among the Sweet grasses. Shortly after sowing, the young stalks of the well-known cereals wheat and barley are harvested. At this time the Nutrient content of the young seedlings particularly high. The fresh sweet grasses are gently dried after harvesting. 

Gluten in barley grass and wheat grass: Yes or No? ? 

Barley grass does not contain gluten and is therefore particularly suitable for people with gluten intolerance and celiac disease. In our wheatgrass traces of gluten can not be 100% excluded.