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Everything for inner and outer beauty

True beauty comes from within and radiates outward. That's why we provide you with various superfoods with which you can support your body in a healthy way. With us you will find helpers for numerous aspects of your beauty.

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Fibres Organic Cocoa Powder


(CHF2.00* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Barley Grass Powder


(CHF4.70* / 100 g)
Beauty Immune System Bundle


(CHF2.13* / 100 g)
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Beauty Organic Golden Milk Mix


(CHF3.66* / 100 g)
Beauty Organic cocoa nibs


(CHF1.99* / 100 g)
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Fibres Organic Broccoli Powder


(CHF2.86* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic Green Trio Tabs


(CHF7.20* / 100 g)
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Fibres Organic Matcha Powder


(CHF9.59* / 100 g)
Fibres Barley Grass Tabs


(CHF2.90* / 100 g)
Beauty Colourful Sugar Bundle


(CHF1.39* / 100 g)
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Fibres Organic Barley Grass Tabs


(CHF7.58* / 100 g)
Fibres Organic astronaut food


(CHF2.57* / 100 g)

Our superfoods for hair, skin and nails

A healthy diet with the right nutrients supports skin, hair, cell health, vitality and radiance. A sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals is indispensable for the physical processes that are responsible for your beauty. A hectic everyday life and stress not only rob your body of the strength to devote itself to the beautiful things about you, but can also deprive you of the time and capacity to care for your body sufficiently.

With our superfoods, we want to give you the right tools to support your beauty in a simple, targeted and concentrated way from the inside out. As well as you take care of your cosmetic beauty routine, you should also keep in mind that your body fills up with the right fuels to optimally supply your hair and nails and your skin. Whether you have a specific beauty goal or would prefer the full program, you'll find what you're looking for with us!

About our beauty foods

Organic Aloe Vera Juice

BIO aloe vera juice from the miracle plant

Aloe vera is probably one of the best-known beauty secrets. But not only applied to skin and hair, the desert plant works wonders. Aloe vera is also edible and full of nutrients that make you radiate beauty from the inside out. Among other things, iron protects you from dull, dry skin and is important for healthy growth of hair and nails. Vitamins A and E also help your body maintain the most beautiful version of you. And in the process, aloe vera also enriches your drinks in a particularly delicious and fresh way!

Barley grass
Power-Green: with barley grass to the outer glow and inner harmony

The local, tried and tested multi-talent among our products for your beauty, bursting with power: barley grass supports various healthy bodily functions as an absolute nutrient bomb. It can help your hair to flourish, your skin to glow, your body cells to do their work, and your immune system to stay strong. Barley grass is so versatile that not only your beauty finds a strong helper in it, but also your health and defenses. We highly recommend you give barley grass a chance!

Green Trio Tabs

Fast and easy nutrient supply with the Green Trio tablets

There is hardly anything stronger than a well put together team.  We have three green products for you that may look similar at first glance, but all have their own supreme disciplines in which they optimally support your natural beauty from within. Spirulina, for example, scores with essential amino acids and iron for healthy skin. Chlorella helps your body maintain cellular health and barley grass provides vitamins and minerals for beautiful skin, hair and nails. Conveniently bundle all three team members and choose one, two, or all three!

Organic Cocoa Powder

Soulfood and Skinfood at the same time! Organic Cocoa Powder

Apart from the fact that even the satisfaction of a chocolaty treat already beautifies your appearance, you get with our organic cocoa powder also the best alternative to boost your beauty with the valuable nutrients from the cocoa bean. Because yes, cocoa can not only be delicious, but also healthy! Iron, for example, is essential for the blood balance of your body and thus helps to supply skin, hair and nails optimally for their growth. Treat yourself with our organic cocoa powder simply both sides of the coin: pure pleasure and something good for health and beauty!

Organic Matcha Powder

Tasty green for your beauty routine

With our organic matcha powder you have not only found a delicious matcha tea in premium quality, but the green tea plant can also support the youth of your cells with the help of valuable antioxidants. Thus, the healthy bodily functions responsible for your fresh and young appearance last longer and are better protected against external influences such as free radicals. So not only does this cup of tea make you feel secure, but it is actually there for your body, helping it to keep you as beautiful as you are!

Colourful Sugar Bundle

Snacking for your beauty with sugar alternatives

It's part of beauty care that you can have a sweet treat every now and then. And sugar is a part of sweet treats. What luck that the whole spectrum of natural sugar alternatives is open to you to find your ultimate secret recipe that satisfies your inner sweet tooth and at the same time can actively do something for your beauty. We've also already put together the perfect bundle for you to try, including nutrient-rich organic coconut blossom sugar, extra-satiating organic date sugar, and calorie-free organic erythritol. The choice is yours!

Immune System Bundle

The basis for your beauty care

A strong immune system creates the capacity in your body to take care of the more luxurious matters such as radiant skin, healthy hair and nails and your personal glow. Immune strengthening can therefore be seen as the foundation of beauty care, which is why we also recommend our Immune System Set in the interest of your beauty. The valuable ingredients from barley grass, rosehip and turmeric are not only good for the defense, but also for various aspects of your beauty. Turmeric, for example, is said to fight inflammation in irritated skin and barley grass supports not only immune function, but also healthy hair and nails.